What to expect with the screening

Getting Started

Start talking with the other parents at your school and have a discussion with your school administration about hosting a screening to check the cardiac health of your student athletes. See "The Case for Screening" tab for more information and statistics about how often sudden Cardiac Arrest  strikes our young students. Please call, email or use the Contact Us for on our Home page to contact us for more information and we will work with you to take the next step in screening your students for cardiac health.


We will conduct an electrocardiogram (ECG) on your child (student athlete) which is a quick and simple test done to give us a general look at your child's heart rhythm. The results of the ECG will be kept confidential and will only be shared with the child's parents/legal guardian. Additionally, a brief health history survey will be obtained from the child and results will be shared the same way. 


If results are not normal, Michigan Heart Check will answer questions, but ultimately it is our recommendation that your child's results be shared with a physician. 


$20 for a single student

$35 for a family with two or more students

It is our goal at Michigan Heart Check to provide this very important information to Michigan student athletes in a very cost effective manner. Michigan Heart Check is also willing to work with athletic booster clubs and other sponsorship opportunities which will further reduce the cost of the screening, which is already being offered at a significantly reduced rate compared to the cost in a clinic or hospital setting. 

What you will receive

In a sealed envelope, the parent/legal guardian will receive a copy of the ECG results as well as a copy of the health history survey. Additionally, Michigan Heart Check will provide a USB drive with a copy of the ECG results in PDF format for the convenience of the parents and physicians. We highly encourage that the USB be used as a way to save future medical documents and that it be stored in a safe and secure place.